SPS 1000 XL

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5.25" handle / 16.25" length / 7.75" width / 15" core / Weight: 7.8-8.3 ounces

SPS 1000 stands for the ultimate in “Stability, Power, and Spin”

The SPS 1000 may look basic, but this high-performance paddle is seriously advanced and has quickly become a fan favorite. Utilizing a Toray carbon face with zero paint interruption (FYI… color in the center of your paddle in many cases prevents maximum spin potential), the gritty feel creates ridiculous spin capabilities while the honeycomb core fuels power and stability.

The SPS 1000’s oversized sweet spot and unique balance of spin, power, and control makes it the go-to paddle for advanced players and those players looking to raise their game.

USA Pickleball Approved.