Our Story

Paddle Tap is the uber athletic brainchild of two super hip, totally cool, weirdly competitive, pickleball-crazed guys who spent years looking for a paddle that would propel their game to the next level.

Can a paddle actually elevate your game?

After purchasing multiple paddles across all price ranges, the Paddle Tap duo found some that focused on stability and control, others that created more spin, and a few that generated some serious power. There were none, however, that offered all three:


With a combined background of business, manufacturing, sales, and professional pickleball coaching, the Paddle Tap guys set out to create their very own, mack daddy of all pickleball paddles.

After much research and even more trial and error, the Paddle Tap SPS family of pickleball paddles was born, utilizing the highest quality carbon fiber, optimal shape, size, and face design.

We invite you to pick your favorite Paddle Tap paddle.